It’s impossible not to accumulate the occasional friend here and there in thirteen years online. An enthusiastic wave and hugs from everyone at A Damn Fine Cup of Culture to the following!

Daniel Thron is co-host of the film podcast Martini Giant.  He is also a VFX artist, and his work can be seen in films like Zodiac, Infinity War and Blade Runner 2049.  He splits his day between thinking about film and tweeting about Miami Vice. You can find him sharing his opinions about Steven Soderbergh, the director’s film Schizopolis and how they connect to the future of cinema on our podcast.

Sam (40, Profession: Teacher) has been an ardent enthusiast of anything Bond, Hitchcock, Allen, and 70s horror/disaster cinema and a passionate soundtrack collector ever since reaching puberty. Recently having become a podcaster (Ready for Close Up) and YouTuber (Sam Goes on Record), he has finally stopped harassing friends and family, aiming his geekery at the world at large. Sam joined us for an enjoyable chat about Hitchcock’s villains.