I’ll be in my trailer… watching trailers: Seeing double

Join us every week for a trip into the weird and wonderful world of trailers. Whether it’s the first teaser for the latest installment in your favourite franchise, an obscure preview for a strange indie darling, whether it’s good, bad, ugly or just plain weird – your favourite pop culture baristas are there to tell you what they think.

Mege: Ok, this is not one for the ages, but Dead to Me has two ladies in the lead that I have come to like through the years, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. The story is somewhere between Wisteria Lane and… oh, well, if you don’t know by now that suburbia is hell, then you must live in a truly blessed spot.

Julie: Babylon Berlin is a policier, in the grim mold. If severe PTSD during the Weimar republic – with all its troubles – isn’t dark enough for you, there is also a porn ring, spies, and plenty of violence. But is looks smashing. It is well photographed, wonderfully acted, and deals with a period of history nearly erased from the history books. The roaring twenties roared in Germany too: but with added poverty and severe inflation. Oh yes. And communists and inchoate Nazism. Fascinating, beautiful in its way, and very very dark. P.S.: Watch the subtitled version. The English dub is beyond terrible.

Eric: I can’t imagine how demanding this must have been on Mark Ruffalo, playing as he does twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey — while both of them survived a rough childhood, Thomas is schizophrenic. The review circuit calls this miniseries too much, too relentlessly grim; and yet, it features powerhouse performances from someone who kids will probably only recognise as Bruce Banner. Imagine if a Marvel film could give Ruffalo some of the depth portrayed in this trailer’s two and a half minutes! It’s not too late. For now, here is a story of a person’s mind fragmenting in terrifying ways, and the story of the heartbreak it leaves his loved ones with. Loath as I am to admit it: brothers – can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

(The song playing over the trailer is On the Sea, by Beach House.)

Matt: Okay, I am going to cheat – and not only because one of the above (feel free to guess who it is!) grabbed the trailer I was going to post… but then I felt we couldn’t let the week pass without sharing this decidedly non-trailer video, a gift from those pushers at Criterion. Lighting a candle for Saul Bass, master of title sequences!

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