The Corona Diaries: Drunk on Déjà-Vu


A month ago, most stores and businesses have reopened around here. That includes movie theaters, many of which show the films they were showing the day they had to close. Those films are also already out on DVD and BluRay, so you are in the luxurious position to be able to choose whether you would like to watch 1917, Onward or Once Upon A Time in Hollywood at the movies or at home. There are movie drive-ins and movie open-air festivals, the closest of which will open tonight and last until Sunday. Better times, for now.

That’s it – keep your distance and look cool doing it.


It’s recommended that you don’t use public transport during peak hours, but go to work later – if you have to at all. I have to, because not all the software I need can be installed on my laptop, so every Wednesday I go to the office, slightly later than usual. Once I am out of the house, I can do all the errands I need to, so leaving the house per week is reduced to one trip.

And so I go to the shops and to the post office, and maybe I have to go to the local authorities and to the bank and whatever else. Chances are that at least one of them has a disinfectant at the door that reeks of alcohol. So the punchline is that you come to work late and smelling faintly of alcohol. With any luck, there will be no-one there to smell it.

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