One is the loneliest number…

Yes, I’m afraid it’s finally happened. I’ve created a monster… or rather, a blog.

 Why? Or, for that matter: Why?!

Well, two reasons, really. 1) I’ve been looking up blog software and free blog hosts for this project I’m managing at work – and suddenly there was this little voice in my head saying, “Join us…!” (Note: I don’t often get little voices talking in my head, and even when I do, I don’t usually go out and do exactly what they tell me to do. That one time with Jody Foster was an exception.) 2) I’m an opinionated bastard who loves having a say about books, films, TV series, comics, games and the world. More or less in that order.

 So, this is the raison d’être for this blog. If you check back in, say, two months, will there be more than this measly first post? Only time will tell…

4 thoughts on “One is the loneliest number…

  1. sillypunk Sep 22, 2007 / 23:22

    mwah ha ha! the blog it commands you!

  2. Treyvah Sep 23, 2007 / 15:16

    Word blogs are cool, and I quite understand about those “voices,” and urges to review. All the power to you, Thirith. Mwahaahaahahahaahahahahah … and such.

  3. Punkyfins Sep 23, 2007 / 15:26

    You Have Been Assimilated.

  4. Smaug Sep 23, 2007 / 19:02

    looks forward to the next few months 🙂

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