No more House calls for a while

On Monday, Swiss television showed the season 3 finales of both House, M.D. and Lost. We haven’t seen the latter yet, but it probably says it all that the best moment of House, at least for me, was the Chase/Cameron kiss. That scene was sweet, but the actual medical case was too vague and the character interaction not very interesting. The House vs. God angle had also been done previously. All in all it felt like the series could do with a couple of months off. Seeing as season 4, cut short by striking writers, is just about over in the States, we might get it fairly soon…

Gregory House, looking dark and depressed in between snarky quips

… but first, we’ve got the grand return of Grey’s Anatomy (at a point where I sometimes feel that if I have to watch McDreamy be a self-righteous, self-infatuated git for another minute, I’ll find the actor and put his face through a meat grinder), doubled up with Private Practice, the Grey spin-off that got started in an atrociously written and at best adequately acted two-parter on its mother series.

How’s a man to cope – especially when this man knows that there are only six more episodes of Deadwood? Like, ever? Come to think of it, I’d like to see a cross-over where some select characters from Grey’s Anatomy and perhaps Desperate Housewives stop by the picturesque little town of Deadwood. Derek Shepherd could open a practice with Dan Doherty as opthalmologist. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here, unless you’re still hoping to watch season 3 of Deadwood.)

Six Feet Under is also almost over – two more episodes. What next? We’ve got a fair choice of series: Rome, The Wire, Carnivàle, season 6 of The Sopranos. Then there’s more escapist or pulpy fare: Heroes, Veronica Mars, Joan of Arcadia, Dexter. I’ve heard very good things about the latter series, especially season 2 – which came as a bit of a surprise, as the second Dexter novel was quite a bit weaker than the first. I guess that sometimes film and TV can improve on books…

And to end this very meandering blog entry, here’s a YouTube clip – the very effective opening credits for Dexter, a show whose ‘hero’ is a serial killer… who is intent on only killing ‘bad guys’:

4 thoughts on “No more House calls for a while

  1. Murphy Feb 10, 2008 / 19:56

    if you don’t pick the wire i may never forgive you!

  2. thirithch Feb 11, 2008 / 06:31

    Well, it’s on the list, but right now a friend has it, I’m afraid. How much are my chances of Murphian forgiveness improved if we first finish The Sopranos (season 6) and then move on to The Wire?

  3. Murphy Feb 11, 2008 / 13:11

    hmph… I may be in Zambia by then. But i’m feeling benevolent! 🙂 I forgive you anyway.

  4. Anonymous Feb 11, 2008 / 14:39

    Well, I do hope you’ll still be online every now and then, so once I get around to watching The Wire (which I’m hoping to co-ordinate with Cass) we can talk about it. 🙂 How long will you be in Zambia for? You’ve probably already said so on the board, but I tend to miss the threads where these things came up.

    In any case: *is grateful for Murphy’s forgiveness* You’d make a great pope – personally I’m convinced you’d make a better pope than 99.99% of all Catholics.

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