And so I’m back… or am I?

Well, no, actually I’m not. I’m sitting in a hotel room at the City Inn in Westminster. In the meantime we’ve moved, and most of the boxes have actually been emptied and are now clogging up our cellar – but instead of being at home and helping my lovelier half make the flat into less of a transitional mess, I’m off gallivanting in London.

Okay, that’s not quite fair. I’m here for work, and most of the last three days I’ve been busy working on a commissioning proposal. My suffering fills vast halls hewn from black obsidian stone that cry black sooty tears. Of suffering.

And so that you can share in the suffering, here’s what YouTube comes up with when you search for “commissioning proposal”:

(Anyone sad enough to watch all of that: does it get more interesting at some point? Don’t answer – in all likelihood, you’re clawing bloody fragments of skull and brain from your eyesockets with sheer boredom.)

Okay, I apologise for that icky image and the gratuitous gore. But may I just remind you: COMMISSIONING PROPOSAL.

Good. I feel better now. And this is me telling you: from now on, there will be more frequent updates again. And to finish this Grand Return entry, here are two good things about being in London:

And their cocktails aren’t half bad either. So, next time you’re in London – whoever you are and wherever you are – check out Ping Pong, the best dim sum place this side of the Yangtze river. (Thanks to Monique for introducing me to it!)

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