I’ll be in my trailer… watching trailers: Past lives indeed!

Join us every week for a trip into the weird and wonderful world of trailers. Whether it’s the first teaser for the latest instalment in your favourite franchise, an obscure preview for a strange indie darling, whether it’s good, bad, ugly or just plain weird – your favourite pop culture baristas are there to tell you what they think.

This week, Matt wrote about some of his early thoughts regarding the HBO adaptation of the bestselling game The Last of Us, and the strangeness of watching such a highly faithful prestige TV version of something he’s already experienced in an interactive format. Definitely a good opportunity to revisit one of the trailers for the game’s original release ten years ago!

Talking of revisiting modern classics: Matt also robbed a couple of Las Vegas casinos – by proxy, that is. What is it that makes a good heist movie such an attractive prospect, both for audiences and for directors? And why might Steven Soderbergh want to be wary of returning to the Ocean’s well?

Since many of us at A Damn Fine Cup are pretty busy at the moment, let’s finish with just one new trailer for the week.

Matt: It’s not a little daring: to advertise a romantic film with a trailer that makes it this obvious there’s no happy ending waiting for the characters or the audience. Whether she stays with her husband or gets together with her childhood love, it seems that someone will end having their heart broken – not because they deserve it, not because they’re the bad guy, but just because that’s how the story is set up. On the plus side, though, Past Lives looks like a beautifully acted, beautifully made film that takes its characters and its core conundrum seriously. There are probably worse ways of ending up with a broken heart.

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