Time to return to another world

Initial_When I first opened Google today, I didn’t immediately recognise what the doodle represented. As I clicked through the various pictures, though, I experienced a rush of memories and emotions: there were Atréju and Fuchur (that’s what he’s called in the original, not Falkor), there was the Ivory Tower, home of the Childlike Empress, there were Perelin, the Night Forest, and the Silver City of Amarganth. How could I not recognise them, seeing how I must have read Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story more than a dozen times? Continue reading

My, my… aren’t we meta?

One of the things that I find nerdishly fascinating about having a blog is this: what sort of search terms do people use to find my blog? Here’s a quick selection of the ones that I found most baffling, amusing or worrying:

“coen brothers communists”: Who’d’ve thunk? I can imagine some rabid right-winger looking for Coen Brothers hate pages and landing on my site. If so, welcome, Aryan brother! Stay around! Did I mention I’m a pinko commie foreigner bastard myself?

“House M.D. board game”: There’s money to be made from this, I’d wager! “Your patient is too heavy for the CT scanner – lose one turn!” “It is not lupus! Go back three squares.”

 “not irony”: To which I say, “Hah! And double-hah!”

“rape games for kids”: I don’t even want to know… 

“under trampoline”: This one baffles me, I must admit. As does the last one:

“elder panty sniffing”

At least it now has some relevance if someone, heart pounding and palms sweaty, enters “elder panty sniffing” and ends up here…

The pic is called “grenadeboy”, apparently. Eep.

P.S.: If you google “coen brothers communists”, this is the first picture you get. Creepy, huh?