And now I’m back/From outer space

Okay, actually it’s Davos I’m back from – although it does feel rather spacey during the WEF Annual Meeting. I mean, how often do you go to the men’s room and then wash your hands next to Henry Kissinger? (I didn’t, but I helped look after someone who did.)

Anyway, this entry isn’t about taking a leak with the high and mighty. It’s basically my way of saying, “Hello. I’m back. Miss me much? Hello? Anyone listening?” And then, tumbleweeds and the sound of crickets.

So, to ease myself back into this blogging business, I’m going to make it semi-easy on myself. And to give the title of this entry some minimal relevance, here’s a cartoon by Tex Avery. More will follow later – unless there’s a flood of comments telling me, “We hate Tex! Want more Miami Vice!” In which case I may just retire to some snowy peak in the Himalayas where I will dispense wisdom and computer game cheat codes from the ’80s to unwary yaks and passers-by.

It’s all work, work, work…

For those following this blog with baited breath (whoever you are, you are weird!), in case you want to know what I’m up to this week – i.e. the reason for my absenteeism – you may want to check out this page. Apart from doing other things, I’m the one editing the little films. Except for the one featuring a fairly famous Scotsman, which should go on later tonight. See you there (if you’re really, really bored and suffering from me withdrawal…).