The world is your blurry oyster

It’ll soon have been a year since I got my Oculus Rift and joined the small but growing ranks of people who don’t care how stupid they look wearing VR goggles. Even after all that time, and hours spent exploring a virtual reality that thankfully doesn’t look anything like The Lawnmower Man, the tech still can leave me awestruck, and the latest instance of this is when I finally checked out Google Earth VR (which doesn’t officially work with Oculus Rift, but hey, the internet isn’t just full of porn and cat videos, it’s also where you’re likely to find a solution for each and every one of your tech problems.)

One of the first things I did: I went home.

Okay, no: first thing I did was be a virtual tourist, as one does.

… not home, but nice enough.

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Now that’s what I call modelling!

Nothing to do with films, TV series, video games or books… but as a geek I have to say I love this recent XKCD comic:

Reminds me of one of my favourite bits in Michael Ende’s Momo… and I always thought that Google Earth would be a thousand times as cool as it already is if you could zoom in to where you are and see a little version of yourself looking at Google Earth, zooming in on himself.

P.S.: Don’t worry – actual original thought (well, sort of) coming again on Eagles on Pogo Sticks very soon!