Chekhov’s carotid artery

If you’re watching a hospital soap, and it introduces a patient whose carotid artery is only protected by a thin flap of skin after an operation, what do you think’ll happen?

Yes, it’s Tuesday, which means that yesterday evening was Grey’s Anatomy. While it didn’t figure any pencils-in-eyesockets, it was still not exactly the show I should be watching while eating merguez. However, what usually ruined my appetite while watching the show was the increasing lack of development as far as the characters and their relationships are concerned. At times, the show now feels like E.R. as scripted by Beckett – for all the romantic back-and-froing, there’s a distinct lack of getting anywhere.

However, while too many of the characters now behave like lobotomised idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine (they’d probably be taxed by practising the recorder), the patients are where it’s at. The Grey writer are quite amazing, really: it takes them 3+ seasons to make me bored and annoyed with the main cast, yet it takes them 30 minutes to make me care about characters who come into the series to be sick and die.

Can’t say I care yet about Carotid Artery Boy, mainly because I keep looking at him and thinking, “I wonder if it’s full moon already…” Yep, that’s the problem you get when you play a werewolf on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I’d be the same if Leonard Nimoy turned up on House… “Do they have green blood on stock? I wonder…” Putting Greg House and Mr Spock in the same room would be sheer geek awesomeness, though.)

P.S.: Don’t worry, an entry on Fun Home is still to follow. Hopefully even before the move. (Sigh.)


Well, guys… I was going to write a blog entry about this:

A Family Tragicomic

Instead, the redesign of the WordPress dashboard (the page where you can write blog entries, among other things) has sorta, kinda screwed things up for me. Looks like I have to go and post a couple of pissed off messages on the forums.┬áThe really cool thing is that I can upload images quite easily, but when I try to insert them, the “Insert image” button is located below the taskbar – and I can’t move the window so it’s actually on screen.

(“If I can’t insert images, how come I’ve got the book cover up there?” I hear you ask. Well, there’s an explanation for that, but it’s technical and boring. If you really want to know, write a comment and I’ll tell you… what a sad person you are, that is. And then I’ll explain, showing what a sad person I am. Sad but helpful, and rude to boot.)

But here’s a little something so you’re not completely disappointed. And once I’ve figured out how to make things work properly again, I’ve got lots of things to post: the end of Buffy, rewatching Firefly, and the family tragicomic whose cover you can see above. So, without further ado, here’s some nostalgic madness: