What do you mean, I’m a funny guy?

Okay, lots of work today, so this blog entry will be short on me and long on my favouritest Internet video service ever – YouTube!

Just a couple of clips you may or may not have seen – but if you’re into films, subversion and felt puppets, give these a try:

Or how about this one – computer-generated misery, courtesy of Pixar and Darren Aronofsky:

(If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, try the direct link.)

And thanks to these crazy kids I can pretty much take the day off from blogging – and do the heaps of work that need to be done… Bye!

Quick P.S.: I got a kick out of reading The Onion‘s AV Club blog entry on the Madonna sex vehicle Body of Evidence. (It’s part of their “My Year of Flops” series.) Here’s a quote to get you all wet (why do I think that I’ve just lost 3/4 of my readership?):

”[Madonna’s character] is a beautiful woman. But when the trial is over you will see her no differently than a gun or a knife. Or any other instrument used as a weapon. She is a killer and the worst kind—a killer who disguised herself as a loving partner,” Mantegna thunders to the jury. Now, far be it from me to challenge the veracity of anything said by a character played by Joe Mantegna, but I would argue that the worst kind of killer is one who wears a necklace made out of puppy skulls and a rain poncho made out of the stitched-together torsos of murdered kittens. That, to me, is worse than a killer disguising herself as a loving partner.